Mindfulness Meditation: A Simple Guide to the Whys and Hows

Originating as a core tenant of Tibetan Buddhism, the concept of Mindfulness has seeped into many aspects of pop culture, and wellness applications today. Mindfulness is an approach to life and living that puts a main focus on living deeply in every moment, and in letting the universe flow as it should around you. This is not to say that Mindfulness is an excuse to not plan or prepare for the future, however, only that Mindfulness allows one to better focus on each moment of life, which will ultimately make up the future to come. There are a multitude of

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Understanding Zen Buddhism

Zen Buddhism combines elements of Taoism and Indian Mahayana. While people remain divided on whether all of Buddhism constitutes religion or philosophy, in this context Zen could be considered a school of Buddhism. This belief system was born in China and started approximately 15 centuries ago.

Its roots began to emerge when Bodhidhara, an Indian monk who lived approximately from 470 to 543, taught at the Shaolin Monastery. Zen Buddhism progressed into Vietnam and Korea in the 7th century and to Japan in the 12th century, before becoming popular in the West in the 1950s. Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki, a Japanese …

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How to Be More Mindful

Mindfulness happens when we pay attention to our everyday lives in a more deliberate way. When we are mindful, we are more present in our lives. But how can we bring more mindfulness to our lives? There are several ways we can accomplish this.

1. Bring mindfulness to mundane everyday activities.

If you bring a certain level of intention and awareness to everyday tasks like taking a shower, brushing your teeth, doing the dishes, and walking into your job, you will find that you are easily able to be more mindful in your everyday life.

2. Practice being mindful when

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